How To Hunt a Wild Boar

Hunting for wild boar attracts both novice hunters, and experienced, who went to a larger beast. It can be very diverse in technique and complexity and is conducted almost all the year round. Hunting for a wild boar is always a risk for the hunter himself (excluding hunt from the tower). The boar is an intelligent and powerful animal, the weight of a schnauzer can reach 200 kg, but even the weight of an adult female is enough to be a worthy opponent one on one. Wild boar is known for its unpredictability and considerable intelligence, which the beast can oppose to the hunter and his dogs.

Hunting from the camp

All hunting farms practice this kind of hunting. In autumn, boars often live on sown fields, at other times of the year, in many farms in quiet places, feeding grounds are laid, on which root crops and other food are scattered. This is the best way to control the number of wild pigs. Labazy are built in several places within sight of the feeding area or field, so hunters have the opportunity to choose shelter, given the direction of the wind. Hunting methods for wild boar The main difficulty of such organized hunting is stillness and silence while sitting on the storage and a little patience in order to let the beast on a sure shot. Hunting from the lab is safe and often proves successful, so it can be recommended to beginners. Although among experienced hunters, there are lovers to sit in silence, listen to nature and think about their own, until the beast appeared on the site. While you are at the storage, you should observe complete silence. You can not talk, smoke, if possible – move. The success of hunting depends on this. The second rule is that you should not rush with the first shot, animals will spend half an hour or more on the field, during this time they will approach your position and give you the opportunity to make a sure shot.


Hunting from a hitching

Hunting from a stint Needs a lot of preparatory work and even more patience. Sitting is arranged in the place of larvae of wild boars or on the often used trails to the places of fattening, for this the terrain must be well explored. Further, an inconspicuous shelter is made within sight. The boar does not so well distinguish danger from sight, as it smells and sounds strange smells and sounds, therefore hunters should observe the same precautions as when hunting with a storage. With the right choice of a place of sitting down and a certain luck, such hunting often brings good trophies.

Hunting with dogs

Hunting with dogs One of the most interesting types of hunting. For hunting with huskies, you will need trained baby hounds, the more experienced they are, the more likely the successful outcome of the hunt will be. The work of dogs is to track down the beast and hold it until the hunters arrive. Not all dogs can cope with wild boar, too malicious often get injured and die, some will not work with a large beast at all. Therefore, the choice of four-legged companions is of paramount importance.

Dogs are released near the site of the alleged day, then the hunters slowly approach the animals, waiting for the huskies to raise the herd. After that, you should act according to the circumstances. The beast either runs out of the bed or stands under the dogs. In any case, hunters should approach the correct shot as soon as possible without exposing the dogs to extra danger.

Hunting from the approach

Hunting with the approach The most difficult kind of hunting for wild boar. At the moment when you decided to go on a wild boar on foot for the first time, from the approach, it’s better to remember that this is a powerful and ferocious animal, which often attacks the danger and does not run at the sight of danger. In addition, the boar is extremely difficult to catch unawares, hunting with a hoard. At night, such hunting is extremely dangerous, and in the day-time the boar feeds only in very quiet places, which are not so many, so the only way to get it is to find a day’s rest. And it is not every hunter who can do this, not “pumming” the beast. To hunt from the approach should be carefully prepared: the equipment should provide a good camouflage, appropriate to the season and the weather; Clothes should not make noise; Sneak up to the beast against the wind and not on the forehead; Keep the weapon loaded and ready when approaching the beast. If the wild boar is frightened, it can jump right at you, you need to be ready for this. Hunting from the approach Hunting from the approach attracts with its complexity and unpredictability. To start hunting, you need to find a fresh trail and approximately find a place for hiking. To do this, every place possible lezhki walk around and look for the output track. If it does not exist, the approximate place of the leg is found; Then the location of the beast’s cage is calculated more accurately; The wild boar lies more often than not head to the track, against the wind. The animal sleeps very sensitively. Therefore it is necessary to sneak up to it very cautiously. Feeling (by smell) or seeing the place of resting, creeping should be even more cautious, slowing down the movement. The first shot should be successful, making it on a fixed target is not so difficult. The second chance may not be. On clear moonlit nights or evenings, if the locality is familiar to you and the places of feeding the boar are explored, you can try hunting with an approach on fat. Eating, the beast becomes less cautious, it is easier to sneak up to the distance of the right shot. It is necessary to move only when the animals eat, as soon as they stop to listen, the movement should be stopped. This method of hunting is recommended only for experienced hunters, as going to a wild boar at night is a dangerous exercise.


Hunting for wild boar can be a memorable event, it is always unpredictable. Often the outcome depends not only on the actions of hunters but also on the intelligence and experience of the beast itself. Therefore, every hunter should try to hunt for a wild boar. To get an idea of how it happens in reality, watch a video from the hunt of past years of different species and in different terrains. If you need a hunting backack check here.



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