Live or give up dreams? Find the right way!


After we announced that we are about to leave Australia in the direction of Bali, we received some news, That we just should not give up and our decision is totally rushed.

However, we do not see it as giving up that we are leaving Australia, but as the right decision for us!

For a long time we have considered back and forth, especially through your words, suggestions, tips and information.

But honestly, our feeling does not tell us at present 100% “YES, let us travel further through Australia”

Find the right path: follow your feelings and your heart!


To this day, we have learned a lot about ourselves.

Better and better we can interpret our own feelings and listen to our inner being!

A pinch in the stomach pit, a bouncing heart, greetings …


We used to say “Hmmm, what can you do?”

Yes or no?

Indecision often ruled!

Today we know what to do!


And if something is not 100% right, or if we just do not feel comfortable with something, we will not force something “devil come out”.


We go the way that feels right for us personally.

And this way will lead us back to Bali to get a new energy

Afterwards, we will see more …


And so we have found the right way for us!


Postponed is not canceled

Our dream is still to see the “right” Australia.

We want to travel the west coast and we will still live this dream!

Postponed is not canceled!

autralia travel

And hey, Australia does not run away!


Our working holiday visa, known as Work & Travel visa, runs until December 2016.

So we can theoretically even fly to the west of Australia in this year and maybe even work something else.

Everything is still open and as always it is exciting!



We will always stick to our dreams and live them.

You should do the same!


Especially when it becomes difficult.

Because then, it is important that you keep your dreams very tight.


If you give up, this will always be repeated!

So stay tuned or change the plan to reach and fulfill your dream!


There will be times when it will be damn hard – so is life!

But after rain always follows sunshine!


Let’s suppose you’re starting to do sports:

At the beginning you will quickly want to stop.

But then the motto is: DRANK!


Or let’s take it you get the chance to your dream job:

At the beginning, maybe everything is the way you always wanted it to be.

After a while you will realize that the work itself, your colleagues or something else simply makes you unhappy.

Then you have to be honest with yourself and change the plan.

Because it certainly does not make you happy if you have to torture yourself to retirement to work, right?


It is always up to you to find the right path for you.

Not the way your parents think fit.

Not the way that Grandma and Grandpa preach.

Not the way your friend or partner recommends you.



It is therefore that you find your way, because only your way can make you happy and make your dreams come true.


So in the way it feels with us.

We know that we will return to Australia, but at the moment is simply not the right time for us to stay.

Our way is another way!

We hope you can understand us a bit better now and our contribution has encouraged you to find your way, or if you have found it, to go and stay firm!


Our time in Australia taught us a lot:

About ourselves, people and life!


In this sense, we are also taking our experiences from Australia and keeping all the happy moments that we were allowed to collect on our first trip to this great country!